Please join us in person or online here at 10:00 AM on Sundays.

cross-and-flame-color-1058x1818We are a diverse community welcoming visitors and members of all backgrounds.  We are small in number, but mighty in caring, loving our neighbors, serving the community, loving children, and enjoying good friends, good food, good music.

Join us in worship each week at 10:00 a.m. You will find a cozy gathering of kind and welcoming folks.

We rejoice in our differences while inviting all to join our faith journey toward greater understanding and sincere mutual respect. – Mission Statement

At Deer Park UMC, we put our Christian faith into action. We share the love and care of God and the world around us. We open our hearts, minds, and doors to the experience of giving and receiving holy hospitality in the larger sanctuary of God’s creation.

As a church, we are both socially active and spiritually growing. We are nourished by:

  • weekly worship, opportunities to learn and pray together
  • tending to our members
  • sharing great meals
  • the presence of children & youth
  • enjoying the natural world
  • engaging with the wider world to share a loving outlook

We reach beyond our members to the local community and the wider world by:

  • Reconciling-Ministries-Network-Logoengaging in meaningful service
  • providing food, necessities and fuel from our woodpile
  • giving from our abundance
  • standing up for social justice

In general, we seek to share our light and love with each other and with our world. Check the Monthly Calendar to find other opportunities to join in!


1 thought on “Welcome!”

  1. My daughter told me about this website . It was especially interesting to me because my husband built the house. He built it on weekends and vacation while he was working full-time at a hospital in Denver. I feel especially blessed that this house is now being used as a church and think it is wonderful that the people seem to be enjoying the church


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