Does God Still Speak?

So many times I hear people say, “If God is real, then why don’t things still happen like they did in the bible? Why don’t we hear God speak to us like those people on those pages?”

I’d have to respond in saying that the only reason we don’t have documentation of events like we find in the bible is due to the fact that people have simply stopped writing this stuff down! At least in the form of formalized scripture. The biblical canon was closed off long ago by a group of people trying to sort things out the best they could. This closing of scripture began with Irenaeus (b. circa 115CE) who wanted to filter out the thousands of Christianities in existence after Jesus lived, and it ended with Constantine around the year 300, in the Roman Empire’s effort to consolidate a belief that was so wide in scope, it was difficult to say, “this person is a Christian,” and have an understanding of what that really meant.

To me, it was a slightly limited view which caused us to stop adding on to scripture, because God still lives, still moves, still speaks.  And not just in some cases, but many, many, many.

In my own lifetime (this short 32 years so far), I’ve seen God, I’ve heard God, and I’ve watched God move in my life in miraculous ways worthy of the written word! And so have a lot of others. God isn’t dead, but our ability to add examples and stories of what God has done and is doing, in any kind of authoritative way, has been limited if not entirely taken away from us.

These days, we close our minds off with just as much finality as scripture, believing it to be impossible to connect so deeply with the Spirit of Life within us and around us.  But all we have to do is listen, and we will hear. All we have to do is watch, and we will see.

(“Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7)

One of my favorite spiritual writers and one of the most renowned mystics of all time, Rumi, once said:

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”

When you open yourself to the Life inside of you, that Life will work around you in incredible ways, many of them just as miraculous as the stories we read of in the bible.

I have a few stories from just this past month that blew me away to the point where my jaw literally dropped in those moments God acted in the world around me, right in front of my eyes.  Moments when I was stunned to silence, and bleary staring. There have been minutes over the past month when God has spoken silently, but clearly, in ways far louder than any word I’ve ever heard spoken from a mouth equipped with lips and teeth.

Keep your mind and your heart open, and it will be filled with things unbelievable, but true, nonetheless.

As a moment of spiritual centering, I’d like to invite you to think back on the times you’ve witnessed God move and heard God speak in your own life, and maybe take some time to write those moments down.  Just as with scripture, it’s good to be able to go back to those moments, to remember, in times of strain.

If you haven’t yet heard, then let yourself listen, and what will fill the life of your soul will be worth remembering.


In God’s Love,

Rev. Laura H.










A quote from one of my favorite voices in spirit, and one of the most revered mystics of all time:


“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”

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